Walford Community Support Scheme

Prevention is better than cure

A stitch in time saves nine

Care closer to home

These are all expressions with which we are familiar, but how often do we think about them in relation to our friends and neighbours around us? There is plenty of evidence that early intervention can alleviate many of the problems which face us all from time to time, but so often in our busy lives we walk on by and don’t recognise the early signs of people in need.

The bereaved relative suddenly facing loneliness, the family deprived of their Mum who has had to go into hospital, the normally able person who, for some reason, cannot get into town to shop, the simple task which is proving difficult for someone. There are many different reasons where a simple helping hand or even just thoughtful intervention can make a difference.

The Walford Community Support Scheme. Staffed by a paid coordinator and delivered by a team of volunteers has been set up to help anybody who lives in the Parish who feels in need. 

Tel: 07493171430 Mon to Fri

Email: community@walfordparishcouncil.gov.uk

Visit the Walford Community Support Scheme website for more information: Community

Keep up to date via the Walford Community Support Scheme Facebook page

Please get in touch if you could use some help, know someone who could use help, or would like to volunteer to help.