Rapunzel Reviews


We have had some tremendous feedback on the 13th Bishopswood pantomime, Rapunzel. Below is a collation of reviews from three individuals that work in arts administration, including with smaller scale professional theatre:

“Bishopswood’s recent biennial panto production Rapunzel went well beyond the traditional bad witch, hisses and boos, ‘behind yous’ and community singing – although it had all of those and more – with clever references to lock down and border control dropped in among the usual gags. The infectious joy, pride and humour that the cast exhibited was palpable through all their considerable achievements. This included the heart-warming enthusiasm and talent of the Dame, Brunnhilde Blunderberg, (Shane Carlson), with his skilful comic timing and knowing play with the audience, through to the expertly designed and painted scenery (created by David Bruce with many companions) which astutely and colourfully conjured up comic fairy tale worlds.

The whole production was supported with professional theatre lighting, music and sound, witty costumes plus ingenious props; and all performed by an incredible talented local cast. It felt like a defining cultural moment – bringing the community together with creative chaotic joy as only panto can.  It’s a testament to founding producer/director David Emerson working with a huge team onstage, backstage and front of house that brought the community of Bishopswood together in a creative celebration, and in the process demonstrated the village hall as the precious and vital local resource it is.”

Additionally, the following review was received from a charity CEO:

“Thank you for such a wonderful and uplifting evening last Saturday – we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves; It was the best evening out we’ve had in years. It really was a tour de force for such a tiny place and it’s truly amazing what you manage to achieve with a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers and some very professional direction, props, lighting, sound etc… and a huge amount of hard work and goodwill from everyone involved. It was the highlight of our trip to Herefordshire.”