Friends of Bishopswood Village Hall – Your Help Needed.

Bishopswood Village Hall

The trustees of Bishopswood Village Hall are considering the creation of a new “Friends Group” and need your input to help structure it.

We are thinking the “Friends” would be a multi-functional group enabling the whole community to assist with and have a greater input to the running of your village hall. Helping with and organising community events, and undertaking projects, such as community fund raising, maintenance, gardening etc.

We are envisioning that the “Friends” will be a community membership group, with members benefitting from: access to exclusive events, preferential seating at selected functions, early notification of upcoming events, free use of the hall for organising “open to the community” events, and more.

Please help us shape the “Friends” by taking part in a short anonymous questionnaire which closes on May 22nd 2022.